Have you noticed that your Macbook battery is not performing as good as it did when you first bought the computer? Or maybe a friend or coworker suggested that you may have problems later on if you are not careful? 

Whatever the case may be, it is important to understand that there are a lot of factors involved when talking about a healthy Macbook battery life. You need to create a maintenance of sorts and stick to it. Otherwise, the battery will run out of juice sooner than you expect, and replacing it is not as easy as it sounds.

Suggestion #1 – Disable Bluetooth

Disable should only be enabled when you actually need to use it. Otherwise, having it on makes very little sense. A number of people also forget to make the change after they finish using headphones or other devices. 

While it may seem like the difference is not that big, everything adds up eventually. If you want to save the battery life, disable Bluetooth when you do not need it.

Suggestion #2 – Pay Attention to Charger

It is no surprise that mac charger problems are one of the most common that a lot of users have to deal with. And negligence happens to be one of the main causes. People do not pay enough attention. Before you know it, the computer battery is not even charging.

You may think that restarting the Macbook will fix the issue, but there are no guarantees. It is always a possibility that something has gone wrong with the charger itself.

Be mindful of how long you leave the charger on. There is no reason to keep it plugged in if the computer is at 100 percent. 

Suggestion #3 – Enable Auto-Brightness

High brightness may seem like a good idea to have around, but it is not the best feature to enable when talking about battery life. The system should be the one to determine the brightness levels.

Go to the Displays panel and enable the “Automatically adjust brightness” feature. The OS will adjust the brightness depending on what you are doing with the computer and where you are. And you will be surprised by how good the feature is once you use it for a while. 

Suggestion #4 – Use Energy Saver Feature

Energy Saver is another option that will help with keeping your Macbook’s battery life in better shape. When the computer is idle, it should be asleep. This way, the battery will last longer.

You can set the timer for when the display should turn off after being inactive. Most people pick two to three minutes. 

Suggestion #5 – Shut Off Keyboard Backlight

The keyboard backlight feature is not something that you consider when looking for a good laptop, but it can be a nice addition to have. On the other hand, keeping the option enabled all the time is not the best choice for those who are looking to preserve battery life.

Thankfully, you can disable the backlight or make a change so that it turns off after an X number of seconds. The adjustments can be made in the Keyboard settings tab. 

Suggestion #6 – Close Background Applications

Look at the Activity Monitor to find out which applications are currently active. You might have a lot of processes running in the background for no real reason.

There are exceptions, such as an antivirus that has to be on all the time given the potential risks involving cybersecurity threats. Nevertheless, you are bound to find some apps that are idly consuming system resources, and closing them would not make any difference. 

Suggestion #7 – Shut Down the Mac Regularly

When you are finished with work, do not hesitate and shut down the Macbook. They need their rest time as well, and it will do more good than just improve battery life. 

When you compare the numbers, a Macbook left in a sleep mode overnight will consume about 6 percent of battery. Meanwhile, if you shut it down, it will consume no more than 2 percent. The difference is quite clear. 

Suggestion #8 – Always Install the Updates

Updates are released to add new improvements. Security, overall stability, and performance are the most common things that come to mind. However, the updates are much more than that.

When you look at bigger pictures, you will notice that even if slightly, a new and improved OS version will also make a positive impact on the battery life as well.

Suggestion #9 – Clean Dust and Dirt Inside

Do not underestimate how much of a difference cleaning the dust and dirt can make for the overall performance, including the prolonged battery life of the Macbook. You need to get rid of the junk that accumulates inside the laptop regularly.